2016-17 Clubs

Essex has a long history when it comes to volleyball. In fact Essex was the first county to be recognised by the English Volleyball Association (Volleyball England).


At its peak in the late 1980's there was 40(needs citation) clubs in Essex. Over time these have merged and/or folded but over the last few years a number of new small clubs have strung up and with a record number of schools in the county playing the future is looking bright again.


There are currently 7 clubs in Essex that provide 14 teams for the Essex League.


If the secretary is not available please contact Alex Chinery for the back up contact.



Contact information, team fixtures and squad registrations can be found for each club on their page below.


Brentwood Volleyball Club


Chelmsford Volleyball Club


Harlow Volleyball Club


Southend Volleyball Club


Stortford Volleyball Club


Tendring Volleyball Club


Map of Essex Volleyball