Coaching Subsidy


Essex Needs Coaches


To introduce and develop volleyball it is important that Essex has sufficient competent coaches. Whilst many will be happy to operate at one particular level such as introducing the game to adults or juniors, others may want to move on to higher competitive levels. Essex needs coaches at all levels.


Coaching Award Structure


Volleyball England has a coaching award structure in line with the UKCC . More can be found about these at


Financial Support for Essex Coaches


To assist and support coaches Essex has the following policy.


  • Essex VA agrees in principle to underwrite any open level 1 or level 2 coaching course held in Essex up to a max £150.  (Note this means ALL candidates get some benefit).
  • Essex VA agrees in principle to support Essex based (through residence or activity) coaches, registered with the EVA, who attend open courses by reimbursement of either
    • reasonable travel expenses incurred.  (Note this would include sportscoachUK workshops).
    • the EVA course fee (Note this is fixed by EVA and is only one component of the course cost).
    • up to a maximum £40 per individual in any one year
  • Essex residents under 18 years of age as of the first day of the course will be also and in addition be eligible to apply for a £10 subsidy of fees for a level 1 course. 


All such claims must be submitted within 1 month of attendance and indicate any additional subsidy that is obtained from other sources.  Whilst we are keen to support coaches, Essex VA reserves the right to reduce or withhold support where other sources of subsidy cover the same elements e.g. Eastern Volleyball Federation, English Volleyball Association or other support.

Essex VA will consider further support where a special case is made beforehand and financial resource permit. 

Applications should be addressed to the Treasurer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..