EVL Rules


These rules cover all League and Cup Competitions organised by the Essex Volleyball Association. Please note that there are additional rules relating to single day competitions and that the EVA Secretary will have discretion in matters not determined at the AGM or fixtures meeting. The EVA Secretarys decisions and interpretations can be challenged through the appeal process.

The current competitions organised by Essex Volleyball Association are:

  • Open League running between 1st September- 30th April
  • Womens League running between 1st September- 30th April
  • Rucanor Cup – Open to all teams
  1. oFirst round must be played by the end of January
  2. o1/2 Finals by the end of March
  • Tachikara Plate – One day tournament on Finals Day. Open to all teams except Rucanor cup finalists.
  • Janet Bedford Cup – One day tournament organised close to Finals Day.
  • Philips Manning Cup – One day invitational tournament open to non league teams
  • JUVO – an outdoor grass tournament held in June in Chelmsford.


Entry into the Leagues and Cup competitions are at the discretion of the excutive committee. Teams wishing to enter Essex VA competitions must be represented at the Fixtures Meeting, failure to attend results in not being able to participate in the league for that season.


Whilst the Association wishes to see match results decided on court rather than off, it also has a responsibility to all teams that make efforts to provide its players with a calendar of competition which is known in advance, suitable opportunities to improve through training, and reasonable advance notice of changes in order to respect personal arrangements. These rules are therefore designed to come into effect where it has not been possible for matches to take place as mutually agreed.

Where reference is made to notification this may be on paper or electronic by Email. A paper trail MUST be kept. The Email address to be used will be that on the Association’s website. Teams are reminded to keep this current for advice of Fixture Meeting dates. It is recommended that Club and Team Secretaries retain Emails for at least 12 months.


Rule 1. Fees

Senior Team Registration Fee

£150 inc cup competitions

Junior Team Registration Fee


Rucanor Cup

Snr £30

Philips-Manning Handicap Cup

Snr £25

Janet Bedford Cup

Snr £25


A junior fee is payable where at least half of the registered players are under age 18 (see rule 4 regarding player’s age)

Before competing in any Competition each team or Club must:-
a) Be affiliated to Volleyball England. This is the responsibility of the club concerned. The registration year runs from 1st August
b) Have its players appropriately registered with the Essex V.A via League Republic
c) Have paid the for coming seasons competition fees.
d) Have paid a goodwill deposit. The current Goodwill Deposit is £ 25

Fines will be applied to the Goodwill Deposit which must be topped up to the full amount within 1 month of the fine being levied. 
Any team that withdraws from a competition before the end of the season will lose its goodwill deposit. Goodwill deposits will be returned to teams not entering subsequent year’s competitions


Rule 2. Fines



Late Results Submitted (see Rule 9 iv.) Over 1 weeks late


Late Scoresheet Submitted (see Rule 9 iv.) Over 1 weeks late


If neither result or scoresheet is submitted over 2 weeks late, the home team will default the fixture


Failure to inform the relevant EVA Secretary of change of fixture details.

£10.00 per fixture

Defaulted fixture but see also rule 9


Rule 3. Competition Rules

The "Playing Rules" are those currently issued by the F.I.V.B. and endorsed by the E.V.A.

Unless otherwise stated:-
- fixtures will be played on a home and away basis.
- fixtures will be played as the best of five sets.

No points will be awarded for an incomplete fixture.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season the following will apply:-
firstly i) Sets for.
then ii) Sets against.
then iii) Points for.
then iv) Points against. 
In the event that the teams are still inseparable they will share the position


Teams will be awarded 1 bonus point if a game is lost by 3 sets to 2.


Rule 4. Eligibility

There are no restrictions on players in Open competitions.

Men are ineligible to play in Women's competitions.

A player’s age for competition is determined by their age on 1st September at the start of that season. 

Rule 5. Player Registrations

Registrations are made by registering players on the League Republic website. Previous season players are available within League Republic but we encourage teams to only register players who are going to play. The Login details can gained from the website manager.

Each team must register at least six players before playing in any competitions.

Where players play up (se Rule 7), there will be no additional registration fee payable.

It is each team’s responsibility to check who is registered on a match day, both theirs and the oppositions. Team lists can be found online at www.volleyball.co.uk

Any team playing a non-registered player will default the fixture and be fined.


Rule 6. Transfers

A Transfer refers to where a player moves their registration during a season from one team/club to another team /club.

All transfers must be approved by the EVA Secretary before a player can play for his / her new team.

Before a transfer can be processed, the EVA Secretary must be in possession of a completed Player Transfer Form. These are available from the EVA Secretary.

No transfers will be allowed after March 1st.

No transfers will be allowed in any individual Cup competition. Once played for a team, in a cup competition that player is cup tied to that team and may not play again for another team in the competition.

A player may transfer only once during the season.

During the season a player must not be solicited for transfer to a new team before permission has been granted by the secretary of his current club AND a member of the EVA committee.



Rule 7. Clubs with more than one team.

A)     Clubs with more than one team in separate divisions/conferences

  • A higher team player (i.e. those registered as a member of the Club's team playing in the higher Division) cannot play for his/her Club's lower teams unless he/she officially transfers.
  • A lower team player (i.e. those registered as a member of the Club's team playing in the lower Division) can play for his/her Club's higher team providing they are appropriately registered.
  • Playing is defined as being on the scoresheet.
  • Upon playing their 11th set players will automatically transfer up.
  • Teams must notify the scorer a player is play up who will add it to the scoresheet.

B) Clubs with two teams in the same division/conference

  • Players can only play for the team for which they are registered.
  • Players cannot play for the other team unless they are officially transferred.
  • A maximum of two players can be transferred between teams per season. 
  • The first of the fixtures between these teams must be played at the start of the season before any other fixtures involving either team. The second fixture between these teams should take place before either team plays another team twice.

Rule 8. Agreed Fixture Dates

Provisional dates of all League fixtures taking place between 1st September – 30th April will be circulated by the EVA Secretary within two weeks of the fixtures meeting. 

The arrangement of all League fixtures taking place between 1st September – 30th April will take place at a pre-season Fixtures Meeting. All team secretaries or their representatives must attend. Failure to attend is a finable offence. 

All league fixtures must be completed by April 30th . 

The date for the pre season fixtures meeting will be advised to team secretaries by 1st July.

It is the responsibility of all team secretaries to confirm to the EVA Secretary of the final fixture agreed dates after confirmation with their opponents by the end of October at the latest. Failure to advise any change will mean the provisional date stands and becomes the agreed fixture date.

Following the Fixtures Meeting agreed fixture dates will be published on the website.

Failure to provide to competitions officier with a completed (and agreed) fixtures list by 1st October will lead to automatic explusion from the league.


Rule 9 Changes to agreed fixture dates

i) Matches must be played on the agreed fixture date published on the website.

ii). This agreed fixture date may only be altered if by at least 10 days before this date, both team secretaries have notified the EVA Secretary of the mutually agreed new date, time and venue. This will then become the new agreed fixture date. This notice is required to give time for both teams to advise their players.

iii). If one team does not turn up for a game on the agreed fixture date, both teams shall within 7 days provide the EVA Secretary with an explanation of the circumstances. It is not necessary to complete a scoresheet. The EVA Secretary shall advise both teams of a decision within a further 7 days which may include the award of the game to one team, a requirement to play the game by a certain date*, and any fines or reimbursement of court or travel expenses incurred by one or both teams. *If a new date cannot be mutually agreed, the EVA Secretary shall award the game to one team based on the original circumstances.

iv). It is accepted that there will be occasions when matches are not played for reasons unavoidable as regards one or both of the teams e.g. adverse weather conditions when for instance AA advice is not to travel, non availability of hall due to fire. Rule 9 iii) still applies.

v). In considering how to decide in situations which arise under rule 9 iii), the EVA Secretary will take account of the full history of that fixture and any provisional agreement between the two teams on any future date, time and venue on which the match can be played. Such agreement should form part of the advice of circumstances from both teams to be sent within 7 days of the agreed match date.

vi). Appeals against decisions of the EVA Secretary must be made within 14 days of the decision being advised and in writing/Email to the Association Secretary and Club Secretary of any other team involved. The Association reserves the right to deduct £10 from the team’s goodwill deposit for each appeal submitted. Appeals will be considered as soon as practicable by the Executive Committee and a decision advised to both teams.


Rule 10. Fixture Cancellation

Any fixture being cancelled within 10 days of the agreed fixture date will be defaulted 0-25, 0-25, 0-25 and is a finable offence.

Any fixture being cancelled prior to 10 days of the agreed fixture date will be defaulted 0-25, 0-25, 0-25 without a fine.

If the side at fault feels that the default was due to exceptional circumstances then they have the right to appeal. This must be received by the EVA Secretary within 3 days of the agreed fixture date.

Failing to fulfil 3 fixtures in a row will lead to automatic expulsion from the league

Rule 11. Fixture Organisation

When sending confirmation emails please include This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Home team is responsible for:-

i) Booking a hall for a minimum of two hours (the Committee recommends two and a half), fixtures should be scheduled to have at least a 20 minute warm up period prior to their start. If there is insufficient time to finish the fixture, with the game starting on time, the home team will re-stage the fixture with each team meeting its own costs. If the start was delayed by either team then the home team will re-stage the fixture with the offending team bearing the costs for the re-arrangement.

ii) Confirming to the opposition Team Secretary and Officials at least fourteen days prior to the scheduled fixture, the date, time and venue.

iii) The Officials and their expenses (Clubs are urged to use E.V.A. qualified Officials).

iv) Completing an official scoresheet, ensuring player names are clearly recorded and sending it to the EVA Secretary. This must be received within 7 days of the agreed fixture date. Please send a clear photo of the scoresheet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ensuring that team rosters, results, notes and each set rotations can be seen. Failure to comply is a finable offence. The home team will then have a further 2 weeks to produce the scoresheet. Failure to comply with this will then result in a defaulted fixture.

v) Checking both teams rosters against the website.

v) Providing details of a match result by e-mail, or telephone (call or text message), to the EVA Secretary within 48 hours of the completion of a match. Contact details are published on the website. Failure to comply is a finable offence. The following information must be provided;-

a. Competition name

b. Fixture date

c. Result including set scores

d. If any players have played up

The away team is responsible for:-

i) Confirming within 7 days of the fixture.

ii) Checking both teams rosters against the website.

Rule 12 Behaviour

Essex VA expects clubs to take full responsibility for the actions and behaviour of all their members including players and coaches. In particular discriminatory behaviour, verbal or physical abuse or violence towards others is not deemed acceptable. The Association reminds Clubs that it reserves the right under its constitution to take appropriate action towards clubs and their members who fail to behave in an appropriate manner during events to which these rules relate. Please remember that there are often juniors playing or in attendance and that players and officials should act accordingly and indeed when members of the public are present.


Rule 13. Officials

If paying referees the minimum per game is £10 + reasonable travel costs.

Clubs are expected to provide a qualified first referee for each game. We are however aware of the lack of qualified referees so a game is able to go ahead providing a competent referee is appointed and both teams agree to the appointment. Due to the lack of officials all clubs are expected to send at least one representative to an officials course organised in the county on a date to be determined this coming season.


Rule 14. AGM / SGM

Any club not represented at a General Meeting will be fined and could forfeit any awards.


Rule 15. Disputes and appeals

In the first instance, decisions relating to these rules will be made by the EVA Secretary who acts under the authority of the Executive Committee. Any appeal against the decision of the Competition Officer must be lodged with the Secretary of the Association within 14 days. The Executive Committee will seek any evidence it deems appropriate before reaching a final decision which will be advised to all relevant parties.

Any dispute, relating to competitions organised by the Essex Volleyball Association, not covered by these rules will be dealt with on the same basis.