Essex has a very strong junior history.


In the early to mid 1990's the Notely School and the Halstead School produced a number of England Junior player and reached the National Finals. From the mid 1990's to early 2000's Tendring Technology College/Tendring Volleyball Club where a major force in the National Finals and then from the mid 2000's to the current day The Boswells School in Chelmsford have won a number of National titles. Tendring are still a junior force but not what they once were.


Tendring Technology College have recently been nominated as a regional academy by Volleyball England while The Boswells School have set up their own academy program. 


There have been two high profile volleyball players from Essex in recent years. Firstly Alex Porter from Tendring who was the GB captain when the squad was started back in 2006, unfortunately due to a knee injury he had to retire and secondly, Nathan French. He started playing volleyball at The Boswells School before joining the GB squad and plays professionally in Europe. In the summer of 2012 Nathan represent GB at the London 2012 Olympics.


For performance volleyball, the futures bright, the futures Essex.


If you are an education establishment and would like to offer volleyball, Essex currently has a Community Development Coach (Rees Warren) who covers the Chelmsford and Brentwood area. If you are outside this catchment area please get in touch and we may be able to assist in other ways for example running a teachers course.